A close reading Macbeth act 3

What is the beginning of scene one? Banquos soliloquy
How does apostophize Macbeth? His having the crown, echoing the witches, reflecting upon their prophecies and wondering whether their predictions will come true.
What is is not irrational to infer about Banquo? He is willing to play a passive role in the hope the crown will pass on to him
When Macbeth and Lady M enter who silences? Banquo
What do Macbeth and Lady M do? They invite Banquo to the banquet that evening
What is suspicious during this? Macbeth’s pointed inquires about Banquos Plans
What does Macbeth ask about Banquos plans? Whether he will be riding anywhere, how far he will travel and whether his son will accompany him
What does Macbeths 3rd soliloquy speak about? Banquo’s royalty of nature once more praising James ancestry
What else does Macbeth reveal? His decision to secure his position by having Banquo and Fleance killed, preventing their prosperity from succeeding tot he throne in defiance of the witches
What does Macbeth do when he meets with two murderers? He reminds them of a previous interview in which he disabused them of their opinion that he had been their oppressor
When does Macbeth dismiss them? He dismisses them abruptly cutting the first murderer off in mid sentence and ending the scene with a couplet that consigns Banquo to eternity
How many murderers are in scene 3? 3
What is an interesting quality about the murderers? Their language
Which Scene is not Shakespeare’s? Who’s is it? Scene 5 and Thomas Middleton
Which scene is structurally comparable to act 2 scene 5? 6
What do both scenes deal with? Relative outsiders’ reflections upon circumstances as they stand
What does Lennox’s bitter irony reveal? Growing resistance of the thanes and the popular consciousness of Macbeth’s guilt for both Duncan and Banquos murders
What does Macbeth’s sleeplessness say? The lord has infected the whole kingdom

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