9th Grade PreAP Romeo and Juliet – Prologue and Act1 Scene1

1. It sets the scene (time and place) and gives general plot summary of play 1. Why is the Prologue important?
2. Sonnet: 14 lines, 3 quatrains, ends in rhyming couplet, iambic pentameter, rhymescheme 2. What is the form of poetry in the Prologue?
3. Samson and Gregory are servants of the Capulet’s and Balthasar and Abram areservants of the Montague’s 3. Who are Sampson and Gregory? Abram and Balthasar?
4. The citizens do not like the feud and want it to end 4. How do the citizens feel about the feud?
5. Anyone who disturbs the peace again will face the death penalty 5. What ultimatum does the prince give?
6. Prince tells them to leave and to come visit him at different times later in the day 6. What final orders does the Prince give to Capulet and Montague?
7. Benvolio is Romeo’ s cousin 7. Who is Benvolio?
8. T ybalt is Juliet’ s cousin 8. Who is Tybalt?
9. Romeo is heartbroken because Rosaline refuses to love him back. 9. What information do we get about Romeo?
10. Love is bittersweet—good and bad 10. What is Romeo’s definition of love?
11. Rosaline is the woman Romeo is in love with but she has sworn a vow of chastityand will not return his love 11. Who is Rosaline?
12. Benvolio tells Romeo to forget about Rosaline and look at other girls 12. What advice does Benvolio give Romeo?
13. Romeo thinks there will never be another girl as beautiful as Rosaline. 13. What is Romeo’s answer?
14. Paris and Capulet enter this scene Act I, Scene ii14. Who enter now?
15. Paris is a count/nobleman; Capulet cares for his daughter; Juliet’s age 15. What information do we get here?
16. Paris asks Capulet if he can marry his daughter, Juliet 16. What does Paris ask Capulet?
17. Juliet is 13 17. How old is Juliet?
18. Capulet orders his servant to invite people to the party 18. What order does Capulet give a servant?
19. The servant can’t read the list he has been given—this is comedy because theaudience would have found it humorous that the servant was asked to dosomething he didn’t know how to do 19. When Capulet gives the servant an order….How is this an opportunity for comedy?
20. Romeo only agrees to go to the party because he wants to see Rosaline 20. What purpose does Romeo have in agreeing to go to the party?
21. Nurse, Juliet, and Lady Capulet in this scene Act I, Scene iii21. What new characters appear in this scene?
22. She will soon be 14 years old, the nurse has cared for her since she was a baby 22. What else do we learn about Juliet?
23. The Nurse is eccentric, she talks a lot, and she loves Juliet 23. Name some of the nurse’s characteristics.
24. Nurse describes him as a “man of wax” a perfect man 24. How does the nurse describe Paris?
25. A servant tells them the guests have arrived and are ready to start the party 25. What message does a servant bring?
26. County=Paris (Count Paris) 26. Who is the county?
27. Juliet doesn’t want to get married/isn’t interested in love 27. What do we learn indirectly in scene iii?
28. it’s ironic because she will soon fall in love with Romeo 28. What is the dramatic purpose of this?
29. Mercutio—Romeo’s friend/relative of Prince Act I, Scene iv29. Who is introduced in this scene?
30. “homophone” words that are spelled different but have the same sound. Thesewords can also be “alliteration” because of the repetition of the “s” sound 30. “Soles” and “soul,” “soar” and “sore” are examples of what literary device? Define the device.
31. His speech reveals that he is funny, outgoing, a jokester 31. What does Mercutio’s speech reveal about his character?
32. Queen Mab, a fairy who brings people dreams. He is trying to explain to Romeo in a funny way that dreams are not real and not meant to be taken seriously 32. What is the Queen Mab speech about?
33. Capulet house—party Act I, Scene v33. Where does this scene take place?
34. They are discussing how some of the servants aren’t doing their job right 34. What are the serving-men talking about?
35. This discussion provides comic relief to lighten the mood 35. What is the purpose of this disagreement and confusion?
36. Capulet is a good host; he is friendly and wants his guests to have a good time 36. What kind of host is Capulet?
37. Romeo thinks Juliet is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen “has my heartloved till now?” 37. What impression has Juliet made on Romeo?
38. Tybalt objects to Romeo’s presence. He says he wants to kill him. 38. Who objects to Romeo’s presence? What does he say?
39. Capulet tells Tybalt to leave Romeo alone. He says that their town Verona bragsabout Romeo being a good person 39. How does Capulet respond to this?
40. Romeo and Juliet speak to each other in poetic form using metaphors aboutpilgrims making a religious journey 40. How do Romeo and Juliet speak to each other?
41. When Juliet learns that Romeo is a Montague, she is angry that her “only lovesprung from my only hate” 41. What is Juliet’s reaction when she learns who Romeo is?
42. Her only love came from her only hate and she feels like she will not be able tolove anyone else. 42. Summarize Juliet’s soliloquy.
Act II43. The chorus reviews what has happened (Romeo no longer loves Rosaline but instead has fallen in love with Juliet) and tells of the troubles the two young lovers will face Act II, Scene iStudy Questions Act II43. What information does the chorus give?
44. the purpose is to review and foreshadow 44. What is the purpose of the chorus?
45. Mercutio describes Romoe’s “love’s” physical features 45. What description of Romeo’s love does Mercutio give?Act II, Scene ii
46. Romeo describes Juliet as the sun and the most beautiful person he’s ever seen. 46. How does Romeo describe Juliet in his soliloquy?
47. Nurse interrupts this scene when she calls Juliet into the house 47. Who interrupts this scene?
48. Juliet tells Romeo that if he really loves her, he should plan their marriage 48. After Juliet returns, what does she say to Romeo?
49. They arrange for Juliet to send someone to Romeo at 9 o’clock the next morningto find out the wedding plans 49. What arrangements do they make for future meetings?
50. “parting is such sweet sorrow” expresses their difficulty in parting 50. What line expresses their difficulty in parting?
51. Romeo decides to go see the Friar and ask him to perform the wedding ceremony 51. After Juliet leaves the third time, what does Romeo decide to do?
52. Friar Lawrence appears because Romeo will go to him for help Act II, Scene iii52. Why does Friar Lawrence appear now?
53. Friar says that plans, herbs, and stones can be used for good and evil just as people can be good and evil 53. What does the friar say about herbs, plants, and stones?
54. Friar asks if Romeo has been with Rosaline all night 54. What reference does the friar make to Rosaline when he speaks to Romeo?
55. Friar thinks that the marriage might end the families’ feud 55. What is the friar’s motive in agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet?
56. Friar tells Romeo that people will make mistakes if they move too quickly 56. What warning does the friar give Romeo when Romeo urges haste?
57. Mercutio thinks Romeo’s melancholy is caused by his unreturned love of Rosaline Act II, Scene iv57. What does Mercutio think is the cause of Romeo’s melancholy?
58. Benvolio tells Mercutio that Tybalt has sent a challenge to Romeo (for a duel)59. Mercutio describes Tybalt as a good fighter but a 58. What information does Benvolio give?
59. Mercutio describes Tybalt as a good fighter but a show-off with his new fightingskills 59. How does Mercutio describe Tybalt?
60. “prince of cats” is a character “Tybalt” in a fable 60. Explain “prince of cats.”
61. Romeo and Mercutio are joking around now that Romeo is in a good mood 61. What conversation takes place between Romeo and Mercutio when Romeo enters?
62. Nurse enters to find out about the wedding plans 62. Who enters next?
63. Romeo sends the message that Juliet should come to Friar Lawrence’s cell forconfession and to be married 63. What message does Romeo send to Juliet?
64. Nurse tells Romeo that Paris wants to marry Juliet and that she teases her sayingParis is a better man. 64. What does the nurse tell Romeo about Paris?
65. Nurse stalls by complaining about her tiredness and this angers Juliet who is impatiently waiting to find out if Romeo wants to marry her Act II, Scene v and vi65. How does the nurse play with Juliet’s emotions when she returns to the house?
66. He tells them their love is like fire and gunpowder, which, as they kiss will cause an explosion just like their love might be moving too quickly and cause something bad to happen 66. What words of Friar Lawrence at the beginning of scene 6 foreshadow what is soon to come to the young lovers?
67. He warns them to “love moderately” because that’s how love will last 67. What warning does Friar Lawrence give?
68. Friar keeps them apart when Juliet enters and tells them he will not leave themalone together until they are married 68. What action does the friar take when Juliet enters?
69. loving in moderation 69. What lesson is presented in lines 9-15?
Act III70. Benvolio says the weather is hot and that hot weather makes people even more angry/agitated than normal Act III, Scene iStudy Questions Act III70. What does Benvolio say about the weather?
71. Mercutio doesn’t care if people are angry and want to fight—he will fight them 71. How does Mercutio reply to Benvolio?
72. Benvolio knows the consequences for fighting and doesn’t want to fight. 72. How does Benvolio answer?
73. Tybalt enters 73. Who now enters?
74. Yes, Benvolio feared a fight and now Tybalt wants to fight 74. Is Benvolio’s fear realized?
75. Benvolio suggests they take their “fight” out of the public eye since Prince forbid them from fighting 75. What suggestion does Benvolio make?
76. Mercutio does not want to take the fight somewhere else 76. How does Mercutio take Benvolio’s suggestion?
77. Tybalt intentionally insults Romeo by calling him names 77. Does Tybalt intentionally insult Romeo?
78. He is upset with Romeo because Romeo came to the Capulet party as an uninvitedguest 78. Why is he so upset with Romeo?
79. Romeo says he doesn’t want to fight Tybalt. Romeo is now married to Tybalt’scousin, so he has no reason to fight him, but Tybalt doesn’t know any of this. 79. How does Romeo react?
80. Mercutio says Romeo is a coward for not fighting 80. What does Mercutio say to Romeo?
81. “rat-catcher” is a play on Tybalt’s name—”prince of cats” and he will “catch rats” 81. Explain “rat-catcher.”
82. Romeo tries to break up the fight between Tybalt and Mercutio 82. What does Romeo try to do when the two men fight?
83. Mercutio is killed when Romeo tries to come between them 83. What happens as a result of that?
84. Romeo thinks that his love for Juliet has made him weak 84. In his soliloquy what opinion does Romeo express of these events and his own deep feelings?
85. Benvolio announces that Mercutio is indeed dead 85. What fact is announced by Benvolio?
86. When Tybalt returns, Romeo fights him and kills him 86. When Tybalt returns, what happens?
87. Benvolio warns Romeo that he must leave or Prince will kill him 87. What warning does Benvolio give Romeo?
Act IV88. Romeo says he is “fortune’s fool” that he has fallen victim to fate 88. What does Romeo say of himself?
89. Prince enters with Romeo and Juliet’s parents 89. Who now enter?
90. Montegue says that Romeo should not be punished because he did what the lawwould have done anyway—the law would have killed Tybalt for killing Mercutio 90. What does Montague say?
91. Prince banishes Romeo from Verona 91. What sentence does the Prince give Romeo?
92. Juliet reveals her excitement and anticipation about seeing Romeo that night Act III, Scene ii92. What revelation of her feelings does Juliet make at the beginning of this scene?
93. Nurse brings news of Tybalt’s death and Romeo’s banishment 93. What does the nurse bring?
94. The nurse is not clear telling the story—Juliet first thinks Romeo is dead too 94. Is the nurse’s account clear?
95. The nurse leaves to go find Romeo 95. Why does the nurse leave?
96. Juliet sends a ring for Nurse to give to Romeo 96. What does Juliet send to Romeo?
97. Romeo thinks his punishment is worse than death—he is very dramatic about it Act III, Scene iii97. What is the effect on Romeo of the announcement by the friar of the Prince’s doom?
98. The Friar tells him that at least he gets to keep his life—the law SHOULD havesentenced him to death and banishment is mercy 98. What comfort does the friar offer?
99. Romeo thinks the Friar can’t sympathize with him because the friar has neverbeen in love and can’t know what it feels like 99. Why does Romeo think the friar is unable to sympathize with him?
100. Romeo threatens to kill himself 100. What does Romeo do?
101. Nurse tells Romeo that Juliet can’t stop crying and Romeo feelsresponsible and would rather die than know he has upset his love so badly 101. What effect does the nurse’s information about Juliet’s reaction have on Romeo? 102. What plan has the friar outlined for Romeo’s future?
103. Capulet plans for Juliet to marry Paris on Thursday Act III, Scene iv103. What arrangements for Juliet’s marriage to Paris does Capulet make?
104. Now is Monday 104. What day is it now?
105. Capulet tells his wife to tell Juliet of the wedding plans 105. What command regarding the marriage does Capulet give Lady Capulet?
106. Capulet doesn’t know that Juliet is already married and he thinks thismarriage to Paris will keep her from being sad about Tybalt’s death 106. What is the dramatic effect of the well-intentioned, but ill-advised, action of Capulet?
107. To make her mother think she hates Romeo when she really loves him Act III, Scene v107. Why does Juliet speak of Romeo to her mother as she does?
108. Lady Capulet tells Juliet that she will marry Paris 108. What “joyful news” does Lady Capulet bring to Juliet?
109. She says she’d rather be married to Romeo (who killed her cousin) thanmarry Paris 109. How does Juliet refuse to marry Paris?
110. Capulet is furious that she refuses to marry Paris and threatens to disown her 110. What is the effect on Capulet of her refusal?
111. s ???? 111. Can you prove from this scene that Juliet is an only child?
112 Nurse tells Capulet to go easy on Juliet 112. How does the nurse come to Juliet’s defense?
113 Juliet begs the nurse for advice on how to prevent the marriage 113. How does Juliet appeal to the nurse?
114 Nurse advises Juliet to marry Paris and forget Romeo 114. What does the nurse advise her?
115 Juliet “pretends” to accept the advice 115. Does Juliet accept the advice?
116 Juliet decides to go to Friar Lawrence for help since her parents and Nurse are not helping her 116. What does Juliet decide to do?

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