7.4 Assassination of Julius Caesar

Which of the following was NOT a reason for Caesar’s assassination, according to Suetonius? His refusal to be worshipped as a living god[he appointed Gauls to the Senate,he took the title of dictator for life ,he openly disrespected the Republic,he received honors that were not usually given to living people]
What were ways in which Caesar reputedly displayed his desire to be king? he made a show of refusing the crown from the consul Marc Antonyhe punished the tribunes from removing a crown from one of his statues
Where was Julius Caesar assassinated? At Pompey’s theater
Which of the following was NOT a sign that warned of Caesar’s death? he saw 12 vultures fly over his house [his wife, Calpurnia, had a dream about his death, someone passed him a message warning him of the plot, a haruspex (soothsayer) told him to beware the Ides of March]
True or False: At first, after Caesar’s death, the Roman people celebrated their liberation from tyranny. true
What happened when Marc Antony summoned the Senate on 17 March 44 BC? all of Caesar’s deeds were ratifiedhe read Caesar’s will aloudno action was taken against the assassins
What did Caesar give to the citizens in his will? 300 sesterces

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