3.4 Quiz Romeo and Juliet / Act 2, Scene 2

Romeo and Juliet make a plan for Juliet to send a messenger to Romeo. What will Romeo tell the messenger? plans for their wedding
Who interrupts Romeo and Juliet’s private conversation? the nurse
What does Juliet reveal that Romeo overhears? That she would give up her name (and therefore her family) for him
Why does Juliet ask Romeo NOT to swear on the moon, regarding his love for her? The moon is always changing and therefore unreliable.
Which of these modern expressions comes from this scene? What’s in a name?
In Romeo’s first lines of this scene, he compares Juliet to the sun.But soft! What light through yonder window breaks?It is the East, and Juliet is the sun!What poetic device does Shakespeare include here, and why might he use this? Shakespeare includes this metaphor to suggest Juliet’s extreme beauty and how Romeo is drawn to that beauty.
Read the conversation between Romeo and Juliet and answer the question below.Juliet: By whose direction foundst thou out this place?Romeo: By love, that first did prompt me to enquire.He lent me counsel, and I lent him eyes.What literary device does Shakespeare include in Romeo’s speech?
When Juliet says “deny thy father and refuse thy name” (34), then offers to deny her own name (36), Shakespeare reminds us of which of the following themes of the play?
Juliet’s first speech in this scene (which begins “O Romeo, Romeo!”) is a _______________. This is important because _______________________. It is important that Juliet’s speech is a soliloquy because she assumes that no one hears her and is therefore speaking the truth. She thinks she loves Romeo and is willing to give up her identity to be with him.
In this scene, Romeo and Juliet compare one another to — among other things — the sun, the moon, and the sea. Which of the play’s themes do these comparisons support? the forcefulness of love

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