15 Minute Hamlet

Setting of Hamlet Denmark
Who does the ghost of King Hamlet visit first? Night watchmen and Horatio
Who is Hamlet’s mother? Gertrude
Who did Hamlet’s mother marry? Claudius
How soon did Gertrude marry Claudius? Within a month of King Hamlet’s death
Who tells Hamlet about the ghost of King Hamlet? Horatio
Who is the court councilor? Polonius
Who is Polonius’ son? Laertes
Where does Laertes leave to? France
Who is Polonius’ daughter/Laertes’ sister? Ophelia
How does Laertes feel about Hamlet and Ophelia? Laertes warns Ophelia
Who killed King Hamlet? Claudius
Who tells Hamlet about the true story of the death of his father? The ghost of King Hamlet
What does the ghost of King Hamlet ask Hamlet to do? Avenge his death by killing Claudius
Who is King Hamlet’s brother? Claudius
How does Hamlet react to the interaction with the ghost of his late father? He begins acting like he is crazy
What does Polonius tell King Claudius and Queen Gertrude? The reason for Hamlet’s madness is because Ophelia rejected his romantic advances
What do the King and Queen do to investigate Polonius’ claim? They spy on one of Hamlet’s discussions with Ophelia by hiding behind a curtain
How does the conversation between Hamlet and Ophelia go? It is bitter
Who are Hamlet’s old friends? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
Why do Claudius and Gertrude seek help from Hamlet’s old friends? To find out what is wrong with Hamlet
Why did Hamlet distrust his old friends? He suspected that they were spying on him for the King and Queen
Why was Hamlet excited to see his old friends? He believed they were the best actors in the world
What does Hamlet plan to utilize his old friends for? To recreate King Hamlet’s murder in a play that will be performed for the King and Queen
Why does Hamlet devise the plan of the play? To observe Claudius’ reactions to the play to confirm his guilt
What happens before the play can come to an end? The King becomes angry and sends everyone out
How does Claudius react to his own guilt? He kneeled to pray
Why doesn’t Hamlet kill Claudius while he is praying? He was afraid that killing Claudius mid-prayer would send Claudius to Heaven and not Hell
Who stops the fight between Gertrude and Hamlet? Polonius
How did Polonius know about the fight between Gertrude and Hamlet? He was hiding behind a curtain
How did Polonius die? Hamlet believed Claudius was hiding behind the curtain and stabbed him
How does Claudius react to Polonius’ death? He fears for his life and sends word to England to have Hamlet killed
Who does Hamlet go to England with? Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
What happens on the way to England? Hamlet finds out about Claudius’ plans and changes the orders to have his friends killed instead
How does Ophelia react to her father’s death? She goes mad while mourning
How does Laertes react to his father’s death? He is angry and vows to get his revenge
How do Claudius and Laertes plan to kill Hamlet? In a fencing match
How does Ophelia die? She drowns
What does Hamlet insist about his relationship with Ophelia? He loved her more than Laertes ever did
How does Queen Gertrude die? She drinks the poisoned wine intended for Hamlet
How does Hamlet die? The poisoned sword
How does Laertes die? Hamlet stabs him with the same poisoned sword that he was stabbed by
What does Laertes reveal while he is dying? The King is to blame
How does Hamlet kill Claudius? He stabs him with the poisoned sword and forces him to drink the poisoned wine
Who mourns Hamlet’s death? Horatio
Who takes over Denmark following this ordeal? Fortinbras, King of Norway
What is Fortinbras’ relationship to Hamlet’s family? King Hamlet killed Fortinbras’ father, Old Norway, in a duel

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